A Spine-Healthy Life

Rebuild & Protect Your Spine

Everything you need to restore your spine to its optimal health and balance, while keeping it protected.

     • Empowered Training

      Posture Correction

     • Orthopedic Mattress

     • Orthopedic Office Chair

     • Custom-fit Back Support

       Spine Exercise & Rehab Equipment

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How it works...

  • Personalized Program

    With specialized spine assessment technology, our experts outline a specific exercise and rebuilding program that teaches you how to control your own symptoms.

  • Custom-Orthopedic Protection

    Like a dentist uses braces to correct your smile, we use customized products to correct and protect your spine.

  • Onsite Servicing

    To ensure long-term success, we deliver, configure, and maintain your custom-orthopedic products at your home and office.

Real customer Testimonials

 "Before the going through the MySpine Program, I couldn't exercise, go running, or even make it in to work sometimes. It's been that way for 15 years! But now I have my life back, and I run several miles every week, feeling great!"

~Melody A.

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30-Minute MySpine Training Session  -  $40/session 




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Unlimited MySpine Training  Sessions & Assessments 

Custom-Orthopedic Queen Mattress (All Sizes Avail.)

Custom-Orthopedic Office Chair & Accessories

Custom-Orthopedic Portable Back Support

In-Home Spine Exercise Equipment (90 days)

Onsite Delivery, Service & Maintenance

All for only $69/mo OAC

Real Customer Testimonial

"For someone who's had a lumbar discectomy and a bulging disc, UPRIGHT is a God-send! My custom designed office chair gives perfect support to my entire spine. Sitting is no longer the painful experience it once was."

~ Matt S. 

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