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We LOVE that we can extend the life of the mattress by rotating the inserts. The mattress will always feel brand new and we never have to worry about the sag that inevitably comes with old school mattresses! This mattress is genuinely revolutionary and we're so pumped to have it. I whole-heartily recommend it to anyone! Thanks MySpine!

Cody L.

Before having the Thera-chair, I used to visit my Chiropractor multiple times per month. Now I work without discomfort and I'm so pleased.

Jacob E.

BEST Mattress I've ever owned! I purchased this because I was tired of my ongoing back pain. These guys helped me get ride of my back pain and this bed is the most comfortable bed I've ever had! Thank you MySpine Store!

Robert H.

I've had Thera-chair for over a year now. I had a great deal of back pain and several times a year my back would seize up causing loss of time at work and the other things I enjoyed doing. Since having my new Thera-chair, I've had ZERO back issues. They fit the chair to my specific size and shape and helped me with some basic workstation adjustments. It made ALL the difference. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Rohan S.

MySpine Program

The MySpine Program is designed to provide life-long empowerment to take control of your own back and neck pain. 

• Improve Postural Balance

• Rebuild Strength & Flexibility

• Maintain Orthopedic Protection