#4 How to Cure Your Own Spine Problems

After treating countless patients who suffered from back and neck complaints, it became obvious we needed to find a better way to help people help themselves. Government studies and our own research concluded that passive spine care requiring no effort from the sufferer has little if any, long-term value.  

In an effort to better involve patients in their own care, we developed four measurable goals and asked every patient to do their best to meet each one. Patients were asked to improve:

1- Spine Shape

2- Spine Stability

3- Spine Mobility

4-Spine Protection

We found ways to measure their progress and soon learned that individuals at any age can improve in all four areas and will benefit from the effort.

We were thrilled with the outcome. Not only did patients recover from their current pain episode more quickly, but they also continued to do well and became more likely to avoid recurring episodes. The only catch was, they had to maintain their goals. It's now been three decades since we began what eventually became known as the MySpine Program. It continues to be effective for anyone willing to accept responsibility for their own spine wellness.





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