#3 Spine Shape Obeys Wolff's Law

Living tissue changes shape according to forces applied to it. This "as the twig is bent, so grows the tree" principle is known as Wolff's Law. Bone cells degenerate ahead of an applied force and new bone cells develop behind that force, resulting in altered bone shape. It's how orthodontists pull teeth into new positions, but it's not a comfortable experience.

Somebody should have told this guy his job comes with occupational hazards, including a bent spine and several orthopedic consequences...unless he chooses to fight back.


Wolff's Law is always present, at any age. That's why we sometimes see older people wearing braces. The orthodontist can move teeth at any age... and gravity can reshape our bones at any age also. Which means that anyone who will invest the effort can improve spine shape, an essential part of eliminating pain and restoring normal spine system function.    


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