#7 How to Cure Your Own Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Shelly has two children and developed pain located in the boney area to the left of her lower back during her second pregnancy. It remained after the baby was born and her MD told her the SI joint was likely strained during gestation or delivery. She tried an SI belt designed to squeeze the SI joints together, and some exercises. Both helped but in time she found the belt inconvenient and hot and the exercises took too much time. The pain never fully left and was easily provoked whenever she lifted her children or twisted to pick up toys or make a bed.



Subsequent evaluation identified poor posturing and poor spine mechanics that unfavorably strained her SI's. She was taught how to correctly apply ice, how to aggressively use isometrics to self-stabilize the SI's, and how to protect the SI's using upright posturing during all activities, including while sitting at her job. The training included how to combine isometric exercises with normal activities that were already part of her busy day. Within six weeks, spine shape improved, spine and SI joint stability increased, symptoms subsided and function improved. She kept the SI belt just in case but found posture correcting isometrics did the trick most of the time.

Shelly soon felt confident to begin a walking program and dutifully included her upright skills while she walked. By the end of six weeks, she felt she was back to normal…which she was not!!!! Restoring joint stability takes months, even a full year, but her new devotion to upright posturing protected the SI joints and gave them the time they needed to safely reorganize their stability and regain normal function.

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