#8 How to Cure Your Own Low Back Pain


Larry, like most everyone else, experiences recurring low back pain. It started years ago while lifting something in the garage and now returns more and more frequently. When it does, it's usually a low-grade annoyance but sometimes it becomes so severe he's miserable and not much good for anything to anyone. Fortunately, the agony usually passes within a few weeks if he's careful. If not, he gets help from his doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor, which usually gets him going a little faster. However, he'd rather avoid the whole ordeal if given the choice.

Well, it is his choice and here's what he must do to get started-

A) Frequent use of ice and isometrics for pain and inflammation, as described in Blogs 5 and 6.

B) Learn to lift his chest and stand taller while gently Increasing the curve in his lower back. The length and depth of the inward lumbar curve matter.  

C) Isometrically brace and deliberately support his lower back curve during all activity, especially when lifting, pushing, pulling, or sitting. 

D) Identify and modify everything in his life that sucks the curve out of his lower back i.e a saggy bed, bad couch, soggy recliner, crummy office chair, bad posture habits, etc.

E) Meet and maintain the four goals identified in Blog #4.

Larry's back pain events are something like an overdraft notice from his bank. When his withdrawals exceed his deposits, his physical bank lets him know he's overdrawn by sending a nasty notice. And just like with his fiscal bank, overdraft notices that are ignored tend to get worse and worse.

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