Skeletal Imbalance Syndrome (SIS)

With spine shape assessment technology, our experts can identify how people need to improve their spine shape and balance, while tracking progress along the way.

SIS can lead to 46 orthopedic conditions and the MySpine Program helps to correct and prevent these conditions.

The MySpine Program empowers people to meet 4 simple goals that rebuild the spine to a healthier, younger, and more balanced condition.


A team of doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, and scientists spent over 3 decades studying the curves and balance of the human spine. The discovery is that the tasks and/or products we use most regularly for lengthy periods of time can cause our spine shape to deform. 




Wolff's Law

Time + Force = Shape Change

There's enough TIME & FORCE to deform your spine working at a computer, sleeping in a sagging mattress, or during a long commute.

Sitting or standing at a computer can be good and bad... we provide the way for you to do them correctly.

Pain you feel is usually an indicator that change is occurring.

46 orthopedic conditions can be caused by Structural Imbalance Syndrome or SIS.

We specialize in identifying spine shape change that indicates structural deformation and imbalance, but the good news is it is reversible!

You can fight back. You can take control.

Protect yourself in correct "neutral" positions while traveling, working, and sleeping.

 Mattress research shows all foam types break down and begin to sag in an unhealthy way within the first year!







Uprightly™ Local Spine Care Sessions

30-minute Training

MySpine Session training can empower you to self-treat most common aches and pains learning how to avoid costly healthcare expenses and temporary remedies.

We strongly recommend you get your doctor's approval before beginning the Uprightly™ Program to verify that no other medical conditions are present.